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Website Design

What is Web Design?
Web design involves designing the web pages. It involves the use of text, images and graphics.
Why do I need a website for my business?
A web site helps you 24/7 to target your market. There are a lot more benefits in having a website for your business.
What should I have on my website?
The website should produce a detailed description about your business and products.
This is my first project. How should I prepare myself?
Decide your target audience. Since your website provides 24-hour marketing service, be conscious about your content and design. Remember your visitor must stay long.
What can a website do for me?
First, a website can reach millions of people that might not otherwise be available. Second, customers can view products, services, or whatever you want to share from the comfort of their own home. No matter what type of business you are in, there are ways to grow and make money on the web for you. Any communication or interactions that happen within your business can be made easier and more efficient by the web. Your business will save money and time while appealing to a much greater audience, the world.
Why does it matter how it looks as long as it works?
When you receive a visitor to your site, they will instantly perceive the quality of your services or products. The first impression a customer or potential customer gets depends on the appearance of your website. A visitor will be interested and explore your site if it is appealing and easy to navigate. You are marketing yourself and your business to the world over the Internet, and it is important to show your best.
How much does a website cost?
The cost of your site will depend on how many pages you are going to have, the type of graphic involved, whether or not you will be selling products on the site. Apart from web designing, you must consider web hosting and domain name registration. Moreover price varies from client to client, as our web site development starts under $800 (including Evoq's™ CMS to edit your own website). We strongly encourage you to contact us for a free quote.
How long will it take Gonzo Systems to get my website up and running?
The duration depends on the size and complexity of the design. A professional web site with 5-10 pages will take 2-3 business days for us to build and move LIVE.
What makes Gonzo Systems unique from others?
Gonzo Systems is a professional web and database design firm helping your business meet the marketing demands in today's competitive business world. We give your business unique presence while keeping it simple and cost effective.
What is a site redesign?
Designing an existing web page with concentration on Overall strategy, Functionality, Ease of Navigation, Overall Graphic Presentation, Reduce Download Time, Search Engine Optimization.