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Website Hosting

What is web hosting?
Web hosting is the act of renting space and bandwidth through a company so that you may publish your web site online. You can either opt for free hosting that is usually supported with banners and pop ups, or may opt to get paid web hosting, which gives you complete control over your site contents.
Can I use any ISP to upload my files, if hosted with Gonzo Systems?
Yes, you can use any ISP of your choice.
Can I flash animation (.swf files) on my hosting?
Yes, you can use FLASH animation with any of our hosting packages.
What type of servers are you running?
Our servers are custom built to our own specification, based in the CLOUD. Windows Azure offers reliable, enterprise grade infrastructure to securely host web sites with high availability by default. Our hosting is in the CLOUD, using Virtual Machines that deliver on-demand, scalable compute infrastructure when you need to quickly provision resources to meet your growing business needs.
How do I get my files to my web site?
We build customized ADMIN INTERFACES using Evoq's™ CMS allowing you to upload content, images, documents as easy as using MS WORD.